Six Sattvic Foods to Enhance the Yogic Aspect of Your Diet

Food plays an important role in our health, both physically and mentally. Ancient yogis recognized the healing and energetic properties of food, and developed a yoga diet which focuses on cultivating inner-peace or sattva. Sattvic food is the lightest and purest you can eat. All levels of Yogis should explore and embrace a sattvic diet. It has many benefits, including a calm, focused mind and a healthy, strong body. In this world of processed food, it can be hard to maintain a yogic lifestyle. However, it is essential to continue on the path of yoga. There are some simple and easy ways to start shifting your diet to sattva.

What are Sattvic Foods?

A sattvic-style diet consists primarily of plants and is focused on whole, organic fruits, vegetables and grains, as well as beans, nuts and seeds that are grown in harmony. Sattvic food is generally aromatic, sweet, light, healthy, and nourishing. It also creates feelings of joy and contentment after eating it. Sattvic food keeps the body healthy and lean, and the mind sharp and clear.

What can I do to make my diet more sattvic-like?

We have compiled a list with the six most sattvic food options that you can easily replace in your diet. It’s best to try these foods out one by one so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. This will also help you integrate them into your everyday life. As Swamiji Sivananda states, “Evolution is better than Revolution.” Making these simple changes can promote goodness, peace and tranquility. They will also increase strength, happiness, health and well-being. You can also find a list with the top rajasic and tamasic foods you should avoid.

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