Mantra Yoga: Meaning, Advantages, and Method

Yoga is often thought of as a physical exercise that includes various breathing techniques and poses. Did you know that mindful repetition of words or sounds is also a form of yoga? The chanting or meditating on sacred sounds is called mantra Yoga, japa or mantra meditation. This ancient practice can help you to calm your emotions, clear your mind and focus your attention. This is a powerful yet simple yoga that you can learn easily and practice for only 15 minutes per day.

What is a chant?

A mantra is either a single word or a sequence of words that are chanted silently or aloud to invoke spiritual qualities. The Sanskrit word’manas,’ which means mind in English, is translated as ‘tra’. The word is often translated as “a tool or instrument for the mind”, or “that which, when reflected on, brings liberation.”

Mantras were revealed to Rishis in deep states of Meditation. These are some of the oldest components of yoga, and may have been the first form of meditation developed. It is commonly used in longer chants as a seed mantra. They are composed in Sanskrit or Pali or Tibetan or Prakrit or Hindi or Gujrati. The mantras are said to have healing, protection and prosperity powers. However, in the practice of mantra yoga, they are primarily used for spiritual growth.

What is mantra Yoga?

Mantra yoga is an ancient meditation technique that involves chanting sacred words, conscious breathing, and a meditative concentration to calm the mind, cultivate a spiritual energy and achieve states of enlightenment. It is said that chanting mantra, one of the most powerful and easiest forms of meditation, can be achieved by focusing on a meditative focus while chanting sacred syllables.

Mantra yoga is an ancient science of sound vibrancy. The ancient science of sound vibration, mantra yoga, is based on a belief that all we do has energy. Our thoughts, words and actions are part of an energetic field known as prana or life force. When we do or think something, we emit a wave energy. We can focus our energy by repeating a mantra. This allows us to reach our inner selves, and master our minds.

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