Udgeeth Pranayama: Method and Advantages

Since thousands of years, yogis have used Om to create spiritual connections and induce meditation. Udgeeth is a breathing technique which uses the Om or Aum as its focal point. This breathing technique is known as the chanting breathe and is one of the easiest pranayama exercises. This simple yet powerful exercise helps you to improve your sleep, clear your mind and remove negative thoughts. It also reduces stress, increases energy, lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system.

What is udgeeth Pranayama?

It is a breathing technique that uses the Om Mantra. The word “udgitha”, which is described in the Chandogya Upanishad (one of the oldest yogic text), was the origin. The chanting mantra Om is defined as udgitha in this scripture. The scripture describes the deep rhythmic sound of Om combined the control of breath as the most effective way to use the Om mantra.

The benefits of udgeeth Pranayama

The udgeeth Pranayama has many physical and spiritual advantages. This pranayama improves concentration and focus when there is external noise to distract you. This breathing practice also helps to clear negative emotions and thoughts like anger, guilt, and fear. Recent medical studies have shown that this breathing technique can improve pulmonary function and boost weight loss. A study showed that chanting Om for ten minutes increased attention, generated a positive mood and fostered a sense social cohesion. It is also known to reduce stress, improve breath, promote peaceful sleeping and increase energy. Spiritually, the udgeeth practice can create a trance like state and a feeling of unity with the universe.

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