17 Guidelines for Embracing a Yogi Lifestyle

A yogic life is more than just a class. It’s a journey of transformation that goes beyond the boundaries of yoga. Integrating the principles of Yoga into your daily life is the key to fostering harmony between mind, body and spirit. You can adopt a holistic lifestyle by understanding and following the 16 rules below.

What is the Yogic lifestyle?

A yogic life is an intentional and holistic approach to living, which extends beyond the boundaries of a yoga studio. A yogic life is about seamlessly integrating yoga and yogic practices into your daily routine, including asana, breathing exercises and meditation. This involves living a simple lifestyle, eating healthy and Sattvic food and incorporating yoga ethics into everyday interactions.

This lifestyle encourages a healthy and clean body, a calm mind and a compassionate soul. This lifestyle encourages people to embark on a journey of spiritual discovery. It emphasizes the interconnectedness between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of being.

A yogic life style doesn’t mean you have to move into an Ashram, or become a hermit on a mountaintop. Your lifestyle should be in line with the level of yoga that you are currently practising. It is possible to adopt a Yogic lifestyle gradually, while taking into account your current circumstances.

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