December Giveaway: Yoga Mat and Towel Set by Clever

This month, we’ve teamed with our friends from Clever Yoga to offer a yoga giveaway sweepstakes. One YogaBasics Reader will be able to win a LiquidBalance Yoga Mat, and Silicone Grip Yoga towel for the month of Decembre!

Clever Yoga:

Clever Yoga, a small woman-owned business in Tampa, FL. Clever Yoga is a small women-owned business based in Tampa, FL. Check out their website for the full line of yoga mats and clothing they offer.


The LiquidBalance Yoga Mat offers unbeatable performance in terms of non-slip. Enjoy the freedom to focus solely on your practice without worrying about slipping. The water-absorbent layer and master grip cushion and support asanas, while maintaining a firm connection to the floor. You will feel comfortable and secure during your practice.

Clever Yoga’s Towel, the most innovative and original yoga towel available on the market. Double-sided silicone provides a two-sided grip that is perfect for practicing on your mat and gripping the floor. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to take to class. You can then wash it at home.

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