January Giveaway: Yoga Body & Mat Wipes Bundle

This month, we’ve teamed with our friends from Wipex to offer a yoga giveaway sweepstakes. Three YogaBasics subscribers will be able to win a bucket full of Yoga Body & Mat Wipes during the month of January!

About Wipex

Wipex, a family business, is on a mission of inspiring positive change. Since over 15 years they have revolutionized cleaning by using safe and effective natural solutions. Wipex is guided by the belief in wholesome products that lead to healthier lives. They consistently provide quality cleaning wipes for others to help them eliminate toxic chemicals. Combining their proprietary formulas and plant-based materials has made everyday cleaning convenient and responsible. You can see their entire range of all-natural wipes by visiting the website.


Natural essentials(r), Body & Mat Wipes was created by yogis in order to help you consciously integrate hygiene and natural cleaning into yoga practice. These dual-purpose towels are formulated naturally with aromatherapeutic oils that instantly remove sweat from the body and gently clean your yoga gear. These wipes are made of biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials. The super-sized wipes are packaged in a bucket that is easily portable, so you can stay clean and fresh no matter where you do yoga.

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