Meditation with Mantras

Mantra meditations are the easiest way to meditate. They can cultivate certain qualities and energies within you.

How to use a mantra

Chanting a mantra has been called the easiest way to meditate. While sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, you repeat the mantra silently or out loud. Be sure to pay attention to your speed and rhythm, as well as the pronunciation, meaning, and esoteric significance of the mantra. Let the mind be focused on the mantra. Allowing the thoughts to go, and maintaining a deep and slow breath. The Mala (string) of beads can be used to count 108 repetitions for the mantra.

How to choose a Mantra

The mantras of the guru are usually received orally and are kept secret. It is possible to initiate yourself, but you must carefully select your mantra. Use your intuition to choose a mantra. Be clear about your intentions, know the purpose of the mantra and understand its meaning. Try out a few mantras and see which one resonates with you the most.

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