Violet Flame Meditation: Method, Advantages, and Top Video Resources

The use of visualization meditation is an accessible and easy way to harness the power of your brain to achieve a state that promotes relaxation, concentration and spiritual awareness. This type of meditation is often focused on imagining an orb of light, which is a versatile and accessible image that can be adapted for any desired outcome or intention. This visualization technique can be used in a powerful way with the violet flame . It uses a vivid violet flame to purify and transform the mind, heart and spirit. It can be used for healing, letting negativity go, and to enhance your spiritual growth.

What is the violet flam?

The violet flame can be thought of as a powerful form of spiritual energy which helps to transform negative emotions and thoughts into positive ones. The violet flame’s divine energy transforms low-level vibrations into high-frequency energies that can improve your well-being and raise your consciousness. By cultivating an awareness of the powerful symbol, you can harness its transformative powers and bring positive changes into your life.

The color violet is often associated with spirituality and transmutation. The violet color is the highest-frequency color of the visible spectrum. It has the shortest wavelength, but the highest frequency. This makes it an effective tool for healing, spiritual growth and visualization. Violet is also linked to the crown chakra. This energy center connects us with higher consciousness and the divine. Visualizing the colour violet can help balance and activate this chakra and lead to greater spiritual awareness.

The violet light color is described as three-fold flames of pink, blue and gold light. This represents the three aspects of God within us. The blue ray or light represents willpower, power and divine guidance. The gold light represents wisdom and enlightenment. The pink light represents forgiveness, love and compassion. Invoking and visualizing the three flames in oneself can help practitioners connect deeper with their inner divinity.

What is violet flame meditation?

This powerful spiritual practice involves visualizing the violet flame surrounding your body in order to transmute negativity into positive energy. Visualizing a violet flame around your entire body is part of the practice, along with a focused intention, deep breathing and a positive intent. This visualisation meditation has its roots in the esoteric Teachings of the Theosophical Society, and it is believed that this meditation originated with the spiritual teachings Saint Germain. Anyone can practice this simple meditation, no matter what their religious or spiritual beliefs are.

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