September Giveaway: RAVI Weighted Blanket

This month, we’ve teamed with our friends from RAVI to offer a yoga giveaway sweepstakes. Two YogaBasics subscribers can win a RAVI weighted blanket in September!


RAVI, a South Carolina-based family business, makes weighted yoga blankets. They named the company RAVI after the middle of the word “g-RAVIty”. RAVI was created by Lori Skerjanz, a yoga instructor. Lori was introduced to weighted blankets by her mother, who made one for an autistic family member. She thought that a weighted yoga blanket would be an amazing prop for Yoga and decided to create a larger version. RAVI is a small weighted, patent-pending blanket that combines all of the benefits of a traditional, “bed-sized”, weighted, blanket into a compact, durable and portable package. Take a minute to visit their website and see all the weighted blankets they offer.


The winners of the RAVI weighted blanket will be chosen by two random draw. Three sizes are available:

  • Yoga RAVI (8.5lbs), the most versatile mat for Yoga Practice, Laying Down, Sitting and Travel
  • Calm RAVI (7.5lbs), designed for sitting and Meditation
  • Hug RAVI (4.5lbs). For kids, seniors and anyone who prefers a lighter touch.

RAVI clients can use the RAVI for a wide variety of purposes beyond yoga. They use it in therapy/medical sessions to help them relax, as a travel weighted quilt, or in sleep aids.

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