May Giveaway: Wellness Bundle with Herbal Infusions

This month, we’ve teamed with Tezahn to offer a yoga giveaway sweepstakes. YogaBasics readers will be able to win an Herbal Infusion Wellness Bundle in May!

About Tezahn:

Tezahn, a woman-owned company that specializes in wellness products, offers immunity-boosting herbal cold water infusions. These unique herbal blends were developed out of the need for a healthy, caffeine-free water enhancer that could be taken to yoga and the gym. They are a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company that supports both positive social change as well as environmental sustainability. Their products are made with herbs and spices from organic farms in India. The packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. They also use energy efficient methods to make their products and recycle waste. Take a minute to visit their website and see all the cold-water herbal infusions they offer.


The Tezahn Wellness Bundle comes with 1 Wellness Box sampler along with 1 Copper Water bottle and 1 Canvas Tote. In their new sampler box, you will be able to taste all three Tezahn flavors along with a tote and a pure copper bottle. This is the perfect drink for a mediation or to enjoy all day at work. It’s a great way to boost your immunity and enjoy a delicious drink all day long.

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