Understanding and Utilizing Familiar Yoga Symbols

The mystical symbolism of yoga and meditation is rich. Modern yoga has commercialized these ancient symbols and ignored their deeper meanings. Some practitioners display symbols on their clothing, jewelry or tattoos to show off their love for yoga. These symbols are more than just decoration. Understanding and knowing the yogic symbol is a key to understanding yogic teachings and mythologies. The use of yoga symbols can help you gain a better understanding of the practices of yoga. They can be used to visually communicate a concept, teaching or spiritual idea.

What are Yoga Symbols?

A symbol is the graphical representation for an idea, concept or relationship. Symbols are powerful tools that can help us move from the unknown into the known. Yoga symbols were created by mystics in India to help elevate consciousness and gain deeper insight into a person’s spiritual path, and their yoga practice. These symbols are essential in helping to communicate deeper truths, and guide you towards inner peace, and enlightenment.

How to Use Yoga Symbols

You can use the yoga symbols in several ways to enhance and deepen your meditation and yoga practice. You can get a lot of inspiration by placing these symbols in your home and work space. You can add yoga symbols to your clothing, wear jewelry that has the symbols or even decorate your home with decorative items with the symbols. Simply having the symbols near you will improve your yoga practice and increase your concentration, inner calm, and connection to the Devine. Place one or more symbols of yoga in your space to help you focus on their use. You can use them as a visual prompt to remind you to stay focused on your intentions whenever you see the symbols. You can also put one of these pictures in front of your eyes while you are practicing yoga poses or meditation.

Common Symbols of Yoga

The following symbols are not exclusive to yoga. These symbols are also found in other religions and cultures. It is important to understand that the symbolism can have many layers, which require contemplation and research.

The Om/Aum Symbol

You will find this symbol at many yoga studios. The Om or Aum symbol is often chanted before and after a yoga class. The sound or vibration Om is believed by yogis to unify everything in the world. The chanting of Om and the meditation on the Om symbol is said to open the third eye, and allow you to connect with the divine power of the universe. This image represents yoga’s primary goal to unite mind, body and spirit.

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