Six Simple Methods to Begin a Mindful Eating Routine

You are more aware of all the flavors, textures, colors and smells of food when you eat it with your mind and body. When you eat without paying attention, you might forget about these things. We tend to lose sight of the wonders that perception can bring, and this includes how we view eating, as we age. We can bring mindfulness and mindful eating into our lives if we use specific techniques to restore appreciation for our existence. This will ultimately help us to enjoy healthier bodies and more fulfilling experience.

What is mindful eating?

mindful dining is not a new concept. It has its roots in ancient Buddhist and Ayurvedic principles. Both systems view the mind and body as inextricably interconnected. These traditions teach us that mindfulness promotes healing and balance. In the Vedic tradition, there is a powerful gratitude mantra that acknowledges the consciousness of the food and the digestion fire, or Agni, in Sanskrit.

In ancient Buddhist teachings, mindfulness was first introduced. In Buddhism, Meditation cultivates mindfullness. It can help you become more aware of what and why you eat. Your health, weight and overall wellbeing are likely to improve.

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